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Why public hearings?

In every redistricting cycle in the last half-century, Texas has been found to have intentionally discriminated against racial minorities or violated the Voting Rights Act. These harms magnify other past and present instances of official discrimination and ensure that historic inequities are never addressed.

In considering whether to take the extraordinary step of putting Texas under federal supervision, a court recently warned that given Texas's history, "the State must implement a process that, by any reasonable definition, is ‘fair and open.’ . . . Texas would be well advised to conduct its redistricting process openly, with the understanding that consideration of bail-in is always an option for whatever federal court or courts may be tasked with review of future legislative actions.”  To help ensure that the state complies with this judicial warning, the State must take specific steps to provide a “fair and open” process.

That's where you come in!

how can i demand transparency and fairness?

With the Legislature preparing to hold field hearings across the state, now is the chance for the community to make its voice heard. Because the public field hearings are just the first step in a long process, it is important to demand that the Texas Legislature give the people a voice when it counts, in 2021 when maps are actually being drawn. In particular, as a federal court recognized in 2011, communities of color have been harmed by the historically flawed process, which has been marked by “[t]he exclusion of minority members and public input despite the minority population growth, the misleading information, the secrecy and closed process, and the rushed process.”

You can use the tools below to help write your own testimony demanding transparency and fairness in the redistricting process. When you have finished writing testimony, you can sign up here, and we will make sure you have all the information you need to attend the field hearing and register to testify.

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